Thirds Fieldwork in Ledbury – 28th June 2013

By Kiran Bhandal, 3H

On a warm and windy afternoon in June, the Thirds visited Ledbury in Herefordshire to conduct a geographical survey. This allowed me to compare my own home area, Walsall, with life in a small, rural market town.

Malverns 1

Most of the shops that we saw were ‘one of a kind’ independent stores, such as the Three Counties Bookshop. In relation to food, I noticed was that most shops were all small, such as a greengrocers and butchers, but we saw no supermarkets. This is very different to where I live, as in our town centre we have Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s all in walking distance. There were also quite a lot of independent cafes in Ledbury, which is again different to where I live: in the town centre of Walsall there are mainly fast food eateries (such as Burger King) or chains like Nandos and Frankie and Benny’s. Personally, I prefer to have lots of branded shops on my high street!

One thing that I liked about Ledbury was that many of the buildings were very old but still had their original appearance. This is a major contrast to my home area as many building have been knocked down to build high rise flats to house more people, so it is rare to see untouched buildings. Ledbury feels quite spacious, and has plenty of trees, plants and flowers growing everywhere. Although it is a quaint town, we also observed lots of lorries, vans and cars rumbling past us whilst we were in the town centre and, at times, the area felt as noisy as central Birmingham!

We found out about the population of Ledbury, in particular that it was not as multicultural as places such as Birmingham or Walsall. On my road alone in Walsall we have Sikh, Jewish, Muslim and Christian neighbours – relating to this, I did not see as many places of worship in Ledbury.

After completing all our worksheets we were allowed some free time – returning to the theme of independent shops, visiting the ice cream parlour for its locally produced ice cream was among the favourite ways of using this time!

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