Expedition to Iceland – March 2013: Land of ice and fire… Land of awe and wonder…

By Shereen Lloyd


Upper Fifth and Sixth Form geographers, armed with cameras and boots, journeyed to the troll-infested land of ice and fire for six days at the start of the Easter holidays 2013. Over the course of their quest, crossing lava fields and glaciers, they were constantly surrounded by the wonders of this spectacular island. The trips to lava caves, remarkable waterfalls and black-sand beaches were sandwiched between visits to the welcoming geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon. Every one of us left with a particular piece of advice for family and friends at home: visit Iceland! From its elven legends to its icebergs in glacial lagoons, the country is guaranteed to instil a sense of magical awe to anyone.


Hopefully these photos will help to convey some of the magic of Iceland – a land of awe and wonder!


geo iceland one  geo two

geo three

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