Upper Fourth Fieldwork in the Peak District – September 2013

By Priyanka Kaushal and Dorothy Zhang, U4H


U4th Fieldtrip


On the 19th of September, the whole of the Upper Fourth visited the Peak District, in and around the picturesque village of Castleton. After our two hour journey, U4H tumbled out of the coach to observe the Mam Tor landslide, with Mr Devey feeding us information whilst we took photos of both the landslide and each other. He continued explaining how the landslide had occurred where the road had been – rain easily soaked through into the rock below making it heavy, and huge lorries going through the hills to reach cities such as Sheffield caused intense vibrations – leading to the eventual collapse of the hill side.

We returned to the coach to go to nearby Treak Cliff cavern. The limestone caves around Castleton are the only ones in the world where the mineral ‘Blue John’ can be mined because of the special conditions which formed it over millions of years. We were given a tour of the cavern and warned to ‘mind our heads’ as the tunnels leading to the different natural and man-made caverns were very low – and very narrow! There is not much of too much of the Blue John left, but there quite a bit in storage.

The final part of the trip was a visit to the little tourist village of Castleton. This settlement was small and quiet and we were not the only educational tourists there. We were surprised that the fish and chip shop, that we had all been looking forward to, only opened three days a week! After asking the shopkeepers a few questions about local attractions and about their views on tourism, and recording data and other information about the impacts of tourism, many headed to the sweet shop to purchase fudge! Having had a great time and learnt plenty, we then headed back for school.


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