Geog Soc!


By Ellen Miller, L6M

Sixth Form geographers have been running a weekly Geog Soc club on Friday break times for anyone wanting a bit of Geo-fun!

Geog Soc


Our first session involved a quiz, with teams tested on flags, capitals, guestimations and anagrams of countries. Full of excitement, we had nine teams and over thirty girls participating, fuelled by handfuls of sweets and chocolate at very regular intervals. The week after, having announced the previous week’s victors, we commenced an ultra-fast game of Geo-Pictionary, starting with easy physical landscapes like ‘volcano’ and ending with more obscure geographical words, such as ‘trade’.  More recently we got down and messy with exploding volcanoes! The recipe was simple – lots of vinegar, a good tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, a bottle to put it all in and some red food colouring to give a more realistic lava look. After experimenting with different proportions of vinegar and bicarb, we ended with a cataclysmic ‘super volcano’ of a full bottle of vinegar and all the bicarb we had left – and it was enough to rival Yellowstone any day! We also tried out a mini plasticine volcano and looked at some famous (real!) volcanic eruptions such as Mount Vesuvius, and the very recent eruption of Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, on the 23rd November.

Geog Soc meets every Friday break time in G1. Do come along! If anyone has any ideas for geographical activities of any sort then the Geog Soc team would love to hear from you!

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