Our trip to the Peak District and Castleton By Zahra

On Thursday 18th September, the whole of the U4th went to the Peak District for a Geography field trip. We went to Castleton, which is situated in the North of the Peak District, Derbyshire. It was an earlier than usual start for most because we had to be at school for 8:00 am. We were on the coaches and on our way in no time, the estimated journey time being approximately 2 hours.

We arrived in the honeypot village of Castleton (a honeyp??????????????????????ot village is one that is frequently visited by tourists), ready for our fieldwork. Our tasks for the morning included doing traffic and pedestrian counts, counting car park spaces (avoiding touching people’s cars) and counting the number of tourist attractions and places for tourists to stay. We worked hard all morning, split into small groups of 5.

Castleton is a rural village and perfect for tourists. There is a pub, lots of places for tourists to stay, an information office, jewellers selling blue john jewellery from the local caves and much more. The best part about the morning was the traffic and pedestrian count. We had to count the number of vehicles and people that passed us in 10 minutes from a certain point. The count started off slow but soon more and more cars passed and we had to record the numbers really quickly, and it didn’t help that there was an extremely irritating crow that kept walking along the road, back and forth! We also had to record the number of pedestrians without scaring them and shouting or pointing at them! We also recorded 4 dogs and almost a horse (he turned down a road just before he got to us)!

After we had eaten our lunches (and had some amazing ice- cream), it was time to bid goodbye to Castleton and head to the Peaks! We arrived in the hills and had a brisk, steep 10 minute walk and learnt about landslides at the top (and also watched a paraglider in the sky!). Afterwards, we went to the Blue John caves and went inside, seeing the beautiful precious stone that is Blue John! Inside was cold, wet and slippy, but it was worth it seeing all of the beautiful minerals and stalactites/mites. Finally, after we had patted the lucky “gnomes” (some stalagmites) on the head, it was time to get back on the coach and return to Birmingham.

Overall, the trip was amazing and although I was very tired after the trip, it will always be in my memory as my favourite Geography trip!

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