Cardingmill Valley By Nikita in L4K

On Wednesday 8th October, L4K and L4E went to Cardingmill Valley in the Long Mynd of Shropshire to undertake fieldwork on rivers and their landscapes. After just over an hour’s journey (throughout which it was raining all along!), we reached the valley and collected some fieldwork equipment.We then walked up the valley and saw some stunning views!


Then we split up into our form groups: my group studied the V-shaped valley first. After this, we walked all the way up to a waterfall called Lightspout waterfall. I even got the chance to go into the plunge pool! In the afternoon, we all looked at Cardingmill Stream itself and we measured its width, depth, velocity and gradient,as well as looking at characteristics and significance of the rocks that were in the river.


Unfortunately the rain hit us just as we were walking back to the coach to go back to school, so we all ended up getting soaked! Apart from that bit, though, I really enjoyed the trip, and I got some really nice pictures!

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