Iceland Expedition, Easter 2015

At the start of the Easter holidays, Sixth Form geographers ventured on a week-long circumnavigation of Iceland, the “land of ice and fire”. After a first day’s visit to the world’s northernmost capital, Reykjavik, the trip focussed almost entirely on the natural wonders of this amazing country, and the relationship between its people and the extreme and hazardous environment. Our tour took in some of the world’s most stunning waterfalls, some of the most fabulous coastal scenery, dozens of volcanoes (including Eyjafjallajokull, infamous for its hugely disruptive ash eruption in 2010), and a journey into the rift valley where the European tectonic plate is separating from the American plate. More active pursuits included hiking on an outlet glacier, caving in lava tubes and swimming in the two largest geothermally heated swimming pools on the island. A highlight for many of the girls – which we were incredibly lucky to experience – was seeing the serene Northern Lights, the night after watching seals frolic among the icebergs of a glacial lagoon. Iceland – truly a land of awe and wonder! You can see more photos from the Iceland trip on the school’s Google+ site, by clicking on the link below.

Iceland Photos


Aurora 3

Strokkur 7









Glacier walk 3

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