Upper Fourth Field Trip to the Peak District 2016

Here are two girls’ accounts of last week’s Geography trip to Castleton in the Peak District:

After a long but entertaining journey full of coach sing-a-longs and chocolate we arrived in Castleton in the Peak district. My class started by going in the ‘treak cliff’ caves. A lot of the girls in my group were convinced to go into the caves despite our fear of claustrophobia, but our worries were soon eased and replaced with curiosity about the amazing cave interiors and the interesting back-stories behind them. These caves included an extremely rare stone called ‘blue john’, and it is only known to be found in caves in that surrounding area. My favourite cave that we got to go into was named the ‘dream cave’, this cave had absolutely no natural light in it so when our tour guide turned the lights off we couldn’t even see our hand in front of our face, It was a really strange experience!

We then got back onto the coach and had a short journey to ‘Mam Tor’, followed by a walk further up the hill. We settled on a once busy main road (A625) that had been closed due to a landslide in 1977. There had been landslides at Mam tor before, in fact, it was a major landslide 4000 years ago that created the site for the road! We learnt a lot about the surrounding ‘hope’ valley and all about what natural and human things could’ve impacted the 1977 landslide. After getting a short time to explore around the landslide and take in the brilliant view we again got onto the coach and ate our lunch on the way back to the centre of the village, Castleton.

Afterwards, we split up into groups of 5 and went out to explore the small village. Obviously, we were all attracted to the sweet shops ( that contained ridiculously sour sweets ), but once separated from them we got a chance to learn about tourism in England and what benefits and drawbacks it has on the local residents and town of Castleton. – Charlotte



The Upper 4th Geography Trip started off really early with loads of tired girls waiting to get onto the coach. By 8.10 we were all on two coaches and by half past both coaches had left. U4L and F had the company of Miss Bagnall, Mr Duncombe, Mrs Cowan and Mr Devey and U4D and R had Miss Priest and Mr Moore. When we arrived at the Peak District we climbed a short trek (no more than 5 minutes) and sat down whilst Mr Devey explained why the landscape was the way it was whilst everyone took notes. We got back on the coach to go less than 1/2 a mile down the road to the Blue John caves for a guided tour. It was very dark in places and some points were very low but thankfully there were no accidents. We learnt about why the caves were there, how they’d accidentally happened against the precious stone in the first place and about Gertrude the witch who lives down there (she’s just a shadow from lightbulbs they put up!). We were all really hungry and some of us who couldn’t wait ate our lunch on the way to Castleton. In Castleton we had a great time with activities which involved counting cars, car spaces in the car park and pedestrians among other things. After that was finished we all went off in our groups taking in the scenery of the town and the variety of different shops there (we particularly enjoyed the ice cream shop and the fudge ones!) Then we all got back on the coach exhausted after an amazing and worthwhile day out to come back home! – Alex


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