Creative Writing – Holiday Reflections

A Road through Scotland

By Priya, Lower 4th

A road sign flashes by, bright blue with a white cross across it, and white words underneath- ‘Welcome to Scotland’

The sky is overcast, a dark grey with lighter patches marking the edges of the clouds, drifting over the hills in the distance. Raindrops gently fell, splattering on the cars, before pouring down into the fields around, forming mini streams on either side of the road. Cows occasionally glance up slowly as vehicles pass: bored, wet, and slowly eating grass.

Hills loom up, replacing the fields with towering walls of grey, dull purple and green, with patches of dark green forest.

There is a small waterfall, a brilliant white against its dull surroundings, thundering down the hillside into a fast moving stream that flowed alongside the road, passing under old stone bridges, before gently curving away, through a gap in two hills.

Next there is an old, white building, a short distance from the road, surrounded by old oaks. It has a single tower, topped with a black tiled spire.

The road joins up with the stream, now a huge river, and follows it for a while before they split up again, and the road climbs up a hill, quickly getting surrounded by thick, mysterious clouds. Through breaks in the clouds, there are glimpses of fields lower down, a patchwork of shades of green and brown, broken by the thick white line of the river.

The road leads down again, passing fields full of Sheep. It then goes over a big, modern, white bridge, with the river flowing on both sides, dark blue, with white patches where there are dark grey rocks jutting out.

This passed onto a huge, long loch, dark black, reflecting the trees on the far shore like a mirror. A small boat speeds by, leaving ripples and disrupting a flock of ducks, which fly up, only to settle down in the exact same spot a few seconds later.

The road narrows as it turns into a gap in the hedges, winding up another hill, surrounded by trees on both sides, before finally coming to a stop in a small clearing, empty apart from a few trees here and there and a beautiful view of hills, rivers, cows and Lochs.

In the distance, the sun makes an appearance, and as the rain begins to stop, you can just about see a rainbow.



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