Lower Fourth Geographers go to Cardingmill Valley, By Maya

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Lower Fourth geographers visited Cardingmill Valley in Shropshire. Part of the National Trust, Cardingmill Valley is a great place to see the topics that we’ve been learning about come to life. On arrival, we walked the short distance to the confluence at the top of the main valley, from where we walked to the picturesque Lightspout Waterfall. When we turned around, we could see a perfect V-Shaped valley, the river flowing in between the steep interlocking spurs. We discussed the formation of the waterfall, before heading back to the confluence. We sketched an annotated valley cross-section (which included the very cute sheep that cover the landscape!), before walking down to the main river. When we found a deep enough part of the river, in groups we set about measuring the width, depth, speed and the size of rocks in a ten-metre stretch, ready for a follow-up investigation. We had a lot of fun (and got very wet!) and I would definitely recommend going to Cardingmill Valley, whether it is with school or on a bike ride with your family!



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